“There are good dancers who know all the ‘right’ bellydance
moves and can pull off a good show.
Then there are those dancers who know all the ‘right’ moves AND
combine them with a true ‘feeling’ for the music, history and culture
of the Middle East. When a dancer with ‘feeling’ performs,
the entire audience gets to go on a journey. In this case, the journey
is to far away places of Arabia and the dancer is Vilia.”

- Dondi Simone Dahlin
Exquisite Middle Eastern Performer, Choreographer, Instructor and Friend
Bellydance Superstar & Bellydancer of the Universe 2000


“Truly amazing! Vilia’s beautifully strong performance will
captivate any audience. She has such emotional radiance
that her dance will leave you wanting more!

- Rachel George
Inspiring Middle Eastern Performer, Choreographer, Instructor and Friend
1st Place Winner of the Double Crown Bellydance Competition 2002


“…a dancer of many dimensions. Her forte is to be that of choreographer.
Her work is excellent. Vilia is a tall, beautiful, willowy blonde. An exceptional
dancer and wonderful to be around…Her dancing is truly an inspiration.”

- Excerpt from “Najoum” newsletter written by Morwenna Assaf
Middle Eastern Dance Performer, Choreographer, Instructor
1994 Inductee to the Middle Eastern Dance Hall of Fame


”Her power embraces light as a feather moves, while her isolations are tight
and crisp. Her style is to accept you as a dancer and instantly you feel
as if you have been taking classes for weeks.
Vilia, being statuesque, makes seeing the moves easy and clear.
Her choices in music are cutting edge and my most favorite talent is her
gift of choreography. I would recommend students
of all phases in their learning process to try one of her class sessions.
I accidentally ran into her as a substitute teacher and have considered that
to be a true gift to my practice in the art of bellydance.”

- Miss Zygotex “Zy” Dewey
Middle Eastern Dance Student, Performer and Instructor


”Just want to let you know that I really love your classes!
You are such a beautiful, fun, elegant, graceful dancer--You're inspiring to watch!”

- Carla Hurtado
Middle Eastern Dance Student and Performer